Why terality

We built terality to solve pandas scaling issues

Because of pandas' scale limitations, Data Scientists and Engineers are less agile, frustrated, and waste tens of hours per month. Their data preparation and transformation tasks are less productive.

Stop waiting
for your pandas code to run
Never run out of memory
Stop spending
time refactoring your code.
Don't depend on engineering teams to execute your code at scale anymore.
Stop waiting
for your pandas code to run
Never run out of memory
Stop spending
time refactoring your code
Don't depend on engineering or IT teams anymore
What we do?

Pandas as scalable as Spark in one line of code

With Terality, all your pandas code is parallelized by only changing your import line, even on exisiting code.
You focus on the code, we handle the rest!

df.merge() (21GB datasets)
Designed for Data Scientists and Data Engineers

The easiest way to run pandas code at scale whatever the volume

Our main focus is on the Data Scientist and Engineer's experience. We built Terality so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate solutions or spend hours refactoring their code.

Ultra fast Experience

Your pandas code runs up to 100 times faster than before. Less than a minute on 1 terabyte of data.

Pandas parallelized​

All pandas functions, even the most complex ones such as sort, merge and groupby.

Identical workflow

Keep the same syntax and get the same results, simply faster.
You can even use Terality on existing code.


Terality handles 100% of the infrastructure in the cloud, and auto-scales as needed.

No memory constraints​

Terality runs your code out of core on servers in the cloud. No local memory is used .

State of the art security

You can trust us with your data. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit with the latest security standards.

why they love terality

Data Scientists and Engineers love Terality

"I work with datasets above 2GB. Terality runs my pandas code in a few seconds, instead of minutes on my cloud infrastructure. I save several hours per week, can stay focused on my workflow without interruptions, and go deeper in my data preparation process."
David, Data Scientist in a retail company.
"Working with dataset above 10GB, I always have to check if I have enough memory to run my pandas code. With Terality, I don't have to handle anything but my data. All my code runs within seconds, and I don't have to worry about memory errors."
John, Data Scientist in a gaming company.
"Our datasets are so big that I have to leverage our Data Engineers so that they execute my pandas code on Spark. Not only I take over their precious time, but the process takes hours or days. With Terality it's instant, and I have nothing else to do but to change my import line."
Maria, Data Scientist in a real estate company.
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