Join Terality

Join the company on a mission to revolutionise data processing.

Terality removes the scalability issues of Pandas, the complexity of Spark,
and the limits of Dask or Modin, with a full serverless, scalable and fast data processing engine,  replicating the Pandas’ syntax.

Our Mission

Terality's mission is to empower data teams, making them more agile and accelerating their projects.

Our engine solve the problem of doing data exploration, cleaning and processing at scale,  saving 10s of hours per month for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and their teams.

By changing just one line of code, Data Scientists and Engineers can run their code in seconds, whatever the data volume,  even on Terabytes of data, where it would have taken hours or have been impossible before.

We have secured funding from top investors, including Frst Capital, Helloworld, Xavier Niel's fund and the founders of Algolia, and we're now recruiting our first key team members.

This is the opportunity to join an early stage startup and to build the next generation of data processing platform with us!

Open Positions in Paris

Software Engineer, Data

Lead Backend Software Engineer, Distributed Systems

Full-Stack Software Engineer


Competitive pay and equity
Setup of your choice (computer, screens...)
Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your children: Alan Blue plan (the highest) fully paid
Free meals: 9,20€ per day Ticket Restaurant with a Swile card
Great office location at the heart of Paris, and with the best French tech startups, Rue Saint-Martin, 50 meters from the Beaubourg museum

Interested in joining the team?

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