Software Engineer, Data

Job Stack: Python, Numpy/Pandas
Terality's stack: Python/Rust, AWS, GitLab...

With Adrien, our co-founder and CTO, you will be working on Terality's core product: our proprietary distributed pandas engine, which allows our users to run pandas code in a few seconds, even on TB of data, by just changing their import line. Your main first mission will be to implement parallelized versions of functions from the pandas API. Your code will be shipped to production asap. You'll have a direct and immediate impact on Terality's users.

Secondary tasks will include:
- Optimizing our data representation and storage using the bleeding edge data formats (Parquet/Arrow/Feather v2...)
- Improving the design of our internal API and networking (REST/gRPC, http/websockets...)
- Refining the user's experience using Python's hacking tricks and advanced dynamic features up to the point it will look like black magic (advanced Python)
- Increasing the performance of our scheduler to better distribute our workloads (parallel computing, asynchronous computing, DAG...)

Joining us will make you an expert at advanced data processing!


Experience required
This position is open to candidates with all levels of experience provided they are smart, open minded and eager to learn!

Technical skills

Primary skills
- Great general Python coding skills
- Python Software Engineering
* Testing
* Collaborative Version Control
* Logging and monitoring
* Deploying code to production

- Data algorithms
* Data structures
* Algorithms and theoretical complexity
* Practical performance
- Numpy/Pandas experience

- AWS experience, especially in compute/storage/data processing services.
- DevOps culture, having already put code to production/maintained code in production.
- Modern big data formats for storage, transmission, in memory (Parquet/Arrow/Feather v2/Protobuf....)
- Other technologies in the big data processing space (Spark/Distributed DB/...)
- Low level language experience for algorithms (Fortran/C/C++/Rust...)

Soft skills and personality

- High standard and attention to detail: We're building a culture of excellency, and are looking for same minded people!
- Fast Learner: We're building a unique product built on the latest technologies. Whatever you have done before, you will be encountering new challenges every day and have to learn new techs on the spot.
- Hacker Mentality: You get things to work, period. You don't get blocked by ugly details. You find out-of-the-box solutions when you hit a wall. You can think of smart shortcuts to save hours of effort. You experiment and test new things all the time.
- Abstraction Skills: You have a deep understanding of how things work. You get the big picture, understand how things scale. You have a clear vision of the most efficient solution and the long term target.
- Autonomous/Collaborative: You can find a good balance between solving problems on your own and looking for help when it is most efficient.

Why Terality

What makes us different? Why joining us?

- We're building the data processing platform of tomorrow. This is a unique chance to build the next big thing in one of the most exciting fields of today.
- Join an ambitious startup: we're building a team of A players. We want to grow fast, and are looking for people with the same ambition.
- We're at the beginning: join us early, make a huge impact and take on great responsibilities as we grow together.
- Wide range of subjects and great depth: we will deal with very different areas of expertise (distributed computing, version control, UI, DevOps, maintenance of ML models...) and with very challenging scale issues. Grow into a jack of all trades "Fullstack Data", or into an expert in of those fields.
- Be rewarded for you work: we want to hire the bests, and pay them accordingly. You'll also be incentivized in the long term success of the company through equity (French BSPCE).

Our perks & benefits

- Competitive pay and equity
- Setup of your choice (computer, screens...)
- Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your children
- Free meals
- Great office location at the heart of Paris, and with the best French tech startups around at Agoranov

Recruitment process

‍Our process is straightforward and should be completed in around 2 weeks.

1. Apply at Join a CV and/or your LinkedIn profile's link. Add any other credentials you want to share (Github, StackOverflow...). No cover letter needed.

2. Quick phone chat with Guillaume (CEO): ~ 30 mins

3. Technical general chat with Adrien (CTO):  ~ 1h

4. Technical interview with code tests with the tech team: ~ 2h

5. Chat with Guillaume (CEO): ~ 1h

6. Referrals


Competitive pay and equity
Setup of your choice (computer, screens...)
Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your children
Free meals
Great office location at the heart of Paris, and with the best French tech startups around at Agoranov
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