Lead Cloud Engineer

Job Description

Terality's (rapidly expanding) Stack: AWS (others will follow), Gitlab/GitlabCI, Python+Rust, Terraform, Docker, Websockets and other async networking tools (Starlette + Hypercorn)...

This role can be found under different names: Cloud Engineer, Cloud Infra, DevOps, SRE...

Working directly with our CTO, you'll take the role of Terality's top expert on all infrastructure and deployment matters. You will assume the responsibility of our AWS infrastructure that was developed by our CTO.

Your short term goals will be:

- Building: Developing, deploying and maintaining our cloud infrastructure (only AWS at the moment).

Performance and Scaling: Propose and implement improvement to the architecture (logging, monitoring, durability, replication), improve its performance (every network call counts for us) and scale it to 1000s+ of workers being deployed every few seconds. You will have fun with this one!

- Deployment: Improve the containerization and deployment of our service. Orchestrate our different micro-services with the tools that are the most efficient given our context.

- DevOps: Improve our code deployment process. This means building an efficient CI/CD pipeline that has both a very deep coverage but allows developers to release code quickly. Educate your colleagues to DevOps so that everybody shares this mindset and deployment is built from the ground up, and not as an afterthought. Help developers improving the quality of their code.

- Network Security: Be the referent for networking security issues while we are an early stage startup. Add robust tests so that no security weakness can reach production. Ensure the security of our infra and educate the whole team to good security practices so that the whole organization contribute to delivering secure software.

Later you'll be working on: Port our infrastructure to other cloud providers (Azure/GCP) and find the best compromise between optimizations for a specific cloud and a standardized architecture.

And in the long term: Contribute your vision to the design of our new products from scratch!

Joining us will give you the opportunity to design and build from the ground up the next generation of data processing platform for the current hottest field (ML/AI)!


Experience required

This position is open to candidates with at least 2 years of professional experience in a similar role.

Technical skills

Primary skills

- Strong expertise with a cloud provider (AWS, GCP, AZURE)
- Terraform
- Deep knowledge of at least one CI/CD tool
- At least some Python experience


- Other IaC tools (Packer, Ansible, Chef, CloudFormation, Boto3, Fabric...)
- Experience on multiple cloud providers
- Python Web Servers

Soft skills

* You like being the expert of your field in an organization. You can communicate efficiently your choices and issues to people who are not experts, whether it is the CTO or a junior developer fresh out of school.

* Broad knowledge and maturity about your domain. Opinionated about which tool is better in which context. Always trying out new tools on the side.

* You not only know the good practices of your field but also have a deep understanding of why they exist. As such you understand when they apply, and when they don't and you should deviate from them.

* You understand that DevOps is not just a technical field but also an organizational philosophy. You can find the right trade-off between building pipelines that are both very robust but can also be used efficiently by people with different expertise levels.

* You enjoy both educating people about your field but also learning about what your teammates in different positions do.


- High standard and attention to detail: We're building a culture of excellency, and are looking for same minded people!

- Fast Learner: We're building a unique product built on the latest technologies. Whatever you have done before, you will be encountering new challenges every day and have to learn new techs on the spot.

- Hacker Mentality: You get things to work, period. You don't get blocked by ugly details. You find out-of-the-box solutions when you hit a wall. You can think of smart shortcuts to save hours of effort. You experiment and test new things all the time.

Why Terality

What makes us different? Why joining us?

- We're building the data processing platform of tomorrow. This is a unique chance to build the next big thing in one of the most exciting fields of today.

- Join an ambitious startup: we're building a team of A players. We want to grow fast, and are looking for people with the same ambition.

- We're at the beginning: join us early, make a huge impact and take on great responsibilities as we grow together.

- Wide range of subjects and great depth: we will deal with very different areas of expertise (distributed computing, version control, UI, DevOps, maintenance of ML models...) and with very challenging scale issues. Grow into a jack of all trades "Fullstack Data", or into an expert in of those fields.

- Be rewarded for you work: we want to hire the bests, and pay them accordingly. You'll also be incentivized in the long term success of the company through equity (French BSPCE).

Our perks & benefits

- Competitive pay and equity

- Setup of your choice (computer, screens...)

- Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your children

- Free meals

- Great office location at the heart of Paris, and with the best French tech startups around at Agoranov

Recruitment process

Our process is straightforward and should be completed in around 2 weeks.

1. Apply at recruiting@terality.com. Join a CV and/or your LinkedIn profile's link. Add any other credentials you want to share (Github, StackOverflow...). No cover letter needed.

2. Quick phone chat with Guillaume (CEO): ~ 30 mins

3. Technical general chat with Adrien (CTO):  ~ 1h

4. Technical interview with tests with Clément (Head of Eng) and Adrien: ~ 2h

5. Chat with Guillaume (CEO): ~ 1h

6. Referrals