Terality changelog - Sept 1, 2021

October 30, 2021
Guillaume Duvaux
Guillaume Duvaux

Hello Terality changelog!

At Terality, we want to be transparent with our users and keep our community updated regularly. That's why we will publish updates about our product every two weeks or so.

We hope that publishing regular updates will enable our users to follow the building of our technology better. 

Most of all, we want our community to feel welcome to share any feedback so that we can provide the best service and technology possible.

First news: Our documentation is online

As part of our Beta phase, we wanted more data scientists and engineers to help us build the V1 of Terality. 

That's why we decided to open the documentation to all visitors of our website. We don't guarantee that everything will work. But we can ensure that we are doing our best to improve every single day :)

We want to empower all data teams to be able to process data at scale, with the same syntax as pandas, and at light speed, without thinking about infrastructure.

Feel free to ping us on our live chat or support@terality.com for any question, remark, or feedback.

Interested in joining the team?

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